Project Description

tilt and turn system

Tilt and Turn System Hardware

Products Features

  1. Systems available in standard and concealed versions for vinyl and aluminum profiles.
  2. System adjustment allows for production and installation variations.
  3. Innovative mishandling device prevents damage.
  4. 110 degree opening for emergency egress.
  5. Allows for very large windows up to 130 kg in sash weight.
  6. Superior corrosion-resistant finishes are available.

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Product details

The Tilt and Turn Window has three modes of operation. A lever on the side activates hardware concealed inside the window. When the lever is in the down position, multiple locking plates are engaged, and the window is locked tight with a complete air seal. When the lever is raised 90 degrees to the neutral position, the window will swing open to the inside, as an inswing casement. Finally, when the lever is rotated 180degrees to the top position, the window will tilt towards the inside, where it acts as a ventilator.

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