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Project Description

Item Name Two-component silicone structural sealant
Article No. SH9000
Color Part A white, Part B black, The mixture is black.
Package Part A: 200L in metal drum, Net capacity 200L, Net weight 260kg;
Part B: 20L in plastic drum, Net capacity 20L, Net weight 20kg
Features 1) Two-component, neutral, room temperature curing, high modulus silicone sealant for construction;
2) High strength, odorless, non-corrosive cure system
3) Excellent weatherability and high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat and humidity, ozone and temperature extremes.
Shelf life In unopened original packaging between + 5°C and + 27°C, shelf life up to 13 months from production date, stored in a dry place.
Application 1) For structural bonding assembly of glass curtain wall, the second bonding seal of insulating glass;
2) Suitable for the structural bonding of glass and metal components of the curtain wall unit in the workshop.
silicone sealant part A, part B